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Custom Legend Generator Tutorial

October 21, 2021

We just launched a new site feature, a custom legend generator.

A unique benefit of our marker tapes is that we are able to print fully custom legends for each order. There is no additional cost added to the final product and customers can use as many different colors as they like (including white). To support the customer process for the customization of these legends we just launched a new site feature, a custom legend generator.

Check out the tutorial below or try it for yourself here.

It's a quick process to create a legend that takes 5 minutes or less!

Step 1: Fill in the contact information you would like to provide our sales team and select the product you would like to customize.

Step 2: Upload the company logo you would like to appear on the printed legend.

Note: The generator is not currently compatible with white ink printing. If this is a feature you are interested in please email

Step 3: Specify the warning symbol you would like to appear on the tape.

Step 4: Next customize the legend's warning message.

Line 1 (Warning Message) allows up to 10 characters that will appear the warning symbol chosen in the previous step.

Line 2 (Contents Message) allows 50 characters to customize a message describing the contents of the buried facility.

Line 3 (Emergency Contact) allows you to add a phone number that may be called in the case of an emergency and allows 50 characters. This is enough room for the message "In Case of Emergency Call" followed by a 1-800 number.

Step 5: Click the preview button to see a generated image of the legend. If you want to make any changes they will update after clicking the preview button again.
Step 6: Once you have made all changes click submit. A copy of the legend will be sent to our sales team along with your contact information. The website will also give you the option to download a copy of the finalized PDF for your records.

If you have any issues or aren't able to create the exact legend you want send us an email at

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