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Product Description:

Markingtape helps to provide a positive identification of buried utilities during future projects and encounters. The use of a 5-mil woven film creates durability making the film difficult to tear and easier to work with. Nondetectable Markingtape is designed for use with metallic pipes or in conjunction with tracer wire and is suitable for open-trench installations.

Printed Legend:

Price listed above includes a digitally printed standard warning message with full color warning symbols. The following standard legends are currently available:

  • Water (Line 1: Caution / Line 2: Buried Water Line Below / Blue Film / White Text)
  • Reclaimed Water (Line 1: Caution / Line 2: Reclaimed Water Below / Purple Film / White Text)
  • Sewer (Line 1: Caution / Line 2: Buried Sewer Line Below / Green Film / White Text)
  • Electric (Line 1: Caution / Line 2: Buried Electric Line Below / Red Film / Black Text)
  • Fiber Optic (Line 1: Caution / Line 2: Buried Fiber Optic Line Below / Orange Film / Black Text)
  • Gas (Line 1: Caution / Line 2: Buried Gas Line Below / Yellow Film / Black Text)

Freight Orders:

Due to product weight, please contact us or request a quote for orders larger than three rolls to arrange a freight delivery.


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