Florida Specifications & Guidelines

Florida Department of Transportation

FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. FY 2023-24

630-2.4 Conduit, Warning Tape

"Ensure that the buried cable warning tape is flexible, elastic material 3 inches wide, 6 mil thick, intended for burial and use as an underground utility warning notice, and that the surface of the warning tape is coated and sealed to prevent deterioration caused by harsh soil elements. Ensure that the warning tape color follows the American Public Works Association color code for underground utilities and has the repeating message “CAUTION: FDOT CABLE BURIED BELOW” or other wording approved by the Engineer, permanently printed on its surface. Ensure that the tape material and ink colors do not change when exposed to acids, alkalis, and other destructive chemical variances commonly found in Florida soils."

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630-3.1 Conduit, Installation Requirements, General

"... Include buried cable warning tape with all trenched conduit. ..."

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Approved Product List

Signaltape® Underground Warning Tape listed on APL

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