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Damage Prevention Solution


Underground marker tape that works!

Signaltape underground warning tape is setting a new standard for protecting, identifying and locating all types of buried utilities.

Signaltape is a proprietary, low-cost solution developed to prevent excavation damage to buried utilities by providing a visible alert to the presence of a buried utility directly to the equipment operator.

“Excavation damage is a leading cause of serious pipeline incidents that cause death, injuries and property damage.”



Designed to be pulled to the surface, directly alerting the equipment operator to the existence of a buried facility. This is due to the inclusion of a 3,000-pound tensile strength para-aramid fiber core material that ensures Signaltape XT does not shear until visible to the equipment operator.

Diagram of Signaltape performance as a warning tape
diagram of signaltape underground warning tape
rolls of yellow marker tape with signaltape writing
installation graphic for signaltape underground warning tape
demonstration of how to install warning tape and how to install marking tape
description of how underground warning tape works using excavator
image of signaltape marker tape with tracer wire embedded
demonstration of how underground marking tape works
blue marker tape roll being placed in ditch

Para-Aramid Fiber Core with 3,000 lbf. Tensile Strength

-  Sinusoidal core is made of shear resistant para-aramid fiber.
-  Patent-pending sine wave creates slack which coupled with its high strength works to pull tape to surface without shearing underground.
- The proprietary technology also allows the tape to maintain performance from varying angles of approach.

Durable Polyethylene Woven Film

-  Hydrophobic material allows the film to be more visible in the toughest conditions.

Custom Legend

-  Provide clear confirmation of buried utilities. Printed legend is fully customizable to include color logos, symbols, and text of any size/font at no additional cost.

Optionally Detectable

-  Our process allows the embedding of location devices including any tracer wire or 3M™ RF path markers.

Signaltape® Product Guide


Electric, Telecommunications, Gas, Water, Wastewater


Open Trench Installation

Tape Width:

4", 6", 12", 24"

Roll Length:

1,000 feet

Recommended Burial Depth:

12" or less below grade

Tensile Strength:

3,000 lbf . (tested to ASTM D-6775)

Available in all APWA Compliant colors:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Meets or exceeds applicable industry ASTM standards.

Technical data sheetTest report - ASTM D6775
computer drawing of signaltape for warning tape specifications

Signaltape warning tape depth for installation diagram

Abbreviated Installation Instructions

It is recommended that Signaltape® be buried 12 in (30 cm) or less below grade. The minimum distance from the top of the pipeline should be 12 in, with 24 - 36 in (60 - 90 cm) recommended as shown below.

Each run of Signaltape must be overlapped by a minimum of 20 ft (6 m) or must be joined as shown on instruction sheet where possible. Signaltape may also be installed with static or vibratory plow.

For complete Installation Instructions and Conditional Limited Warranty access downloadable Instruction Sheet below.


Optional Integration of Location Devices

Designed with best practices in mind, Signaltape offers the option to embed locatable technologies into the tape.

>  Tracer wire any customer-specified tracer wire can be embedded.

>  3M™ RF Path Markers are available combine with Signaltape's warning technology in the 3M™ 7900 Warning Tape XT.

>  Looking for something different? Let us know.

Fully Customized Print Legend

Available at no additional cost and includes:

  • Full color logo
  • Use of any warning symbols
  • Any size/font text
  • Custom warning message including company name, contents, and contact information

Design your own custom legend using our Custom Legend Generator (Beta).



Color logos, symbols and any size/font
text at no additional cost.


We can print anything on our 4, 6, 12, and 24
inch Signaltape widths


Signaltape is made in all colors of the
APWA color code.


No minimum orders offering flexibility and
maximum customization.


Inclusion of any tracer wire as specified.


Hydrophobic film and ink for maximum
visibility andn durability.

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RED - Electric power lines, Cables,conduit and Lighting cables
YELLOW -Gas, Oil, Steam, Petrolium or Gaseous Materials
ORANGE - Communication, Alaram or Signal lines, Cables or Conduit
BLUE - Potable water
PURPLE - Reclaimed water, Irrigation and Slurry lines
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