Digitally Printed Barricade Tape

Ten times stronger than comparable extruded barricade tapes due to the inclusion of a woven polyethylene layer.

Our woven PE barricadetape combines 180 - 360 lb. tensile strength with increased tear resistance making it the optimal choice for temporary visual marking on the toughest job-site environments.

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Our premium barricade tape can be custom printed to order. We are able to offer short lead times as every roll is digitally printed at our production facility in Bedford, Virginia.

Image depicting the use of barricade tape. Shows a piece of yellow tape with a warning message hung accross preventing entry from an area.
Image of barricaderolls stacked on top of each other. It is show in 6 colors: red, orange, green, blue, purple, and yellow.
Top view of a roll of green barricade tape

Tape Widths:

3", 4", 6"

Roll Length:

1,000 feet

Tensile Strength:

180 lbf (3") / 240 lbf (4") / 360 lbf (6")


100% Polyethylene

Film Colors:

Red, Orange, Yellow Green, Blue, Purple


Above Ground Marking for Construction Zones, Emergency Services, Event Crowd Control, Hazardous Areas, Police Lines, Restricted Areas and more.

Technical data sheet

Barricadetape's digitally printed message is repeated continuously along the length of the film and can be optionally customized with graphics and text in full color.

Print customization options include:

  • Full color logo(s)
  • Use of any warning symbols
  • Any size/font text
  • Optional use of white ink to increase visual contrast

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