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Damage Prevention Solution


Detectable marking tape

A tracer wire integrated marking tape for open trench installation. Tracetape was designed to combine the advantages of tracer wire location with the reliable and visible installation of a marker tape. 

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Tape Color

Available in APWA color code: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Purple.

Custom Legend

​Legend is customizable to include color logos, symbols, and text

Tracer Wire

Includes a (12 - 14 AWG standard) jacketed tracer wire

Form Factor

100% Polyethylene​
Woven for Strength
1,000 ft. roll lengths
Tracetape detectable underground marker tape from Damage Prevention SolutionsDiagram demonstrating locating process for underground utilities using Tracetape detectable marking tapeExploded diagram of Tracetape underground marker tape containing tracer wire



Color logos, symbols and any size/font
text at no additional cost.


We can print anything on our 4, 6, 12, and 24
inch Signaltape widths


Signaltape is made in all colors of the
APWA color code.


No minimum orders offering flexibility and
maximum customization.


Inclusion of any tracer wire as specified.


Hydrophobic film and ink for maximum
visibility andn durability.

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RED - Electric power lines, Cables,conduit and Lighting cables
YELLOW -Gas, Oil, Steam, Petrolium or Gaseous Materials
ORANGE - Communication, Alarm or Signal lines, Cables or Conduit
BLUE - Potable water
PURPLE - Reclaimed water, Irrigation and Slurry lines
GREEN - Sewers and Drain lines
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