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Damage Prevention Solution


Utility Identification Sleeve

Developed to deter damage to fiber optic lines located temporarily above ground, Channeltape™ increases visibility to avoid damage from lawn mowers and other equipment.

Customized legends can also be leveraged to increase communication and even deter vandalism.


utility identification sleeve

By increasing visibility, Channeltape™ helps to prevent accidents that can lead to costly repairs and downtime. The open center channel between two layers of laminated film is specifically designed to allow a fiber optic line to be pulled through, using the preloaded pull tape.

Diagram showing fiber optic protection sleeve creating attention from lawn mower to prevent damage.
Picture of orange Channeltape™ Utility Identification Sleeve laid above ground on grass
Image depicting proper use of fiber optic utility identification sleeve shown with temporary fiber drop.
Image depicting Channeltape (TM) Utility Identification Sleeve dispensing from tape box.
Exploded diagram of Channeltape™ Identification Sleeve depicting pull tape between two film layers.

Preinstalled Pull Tape

-  Pull tape is preloaded in the channel to allow for easy installation of a new line.

Visual Identification

- Allows for temporary above ground line identification. This can especially be useful to alert homeowners and facility caretakers to the presence of the utility.

Permanent Direct Burial

-  Product can be buried to provide a marking tape below ground, allowing for easy identification.

Increased Field Communication

-  Legend customization allows for inclusion of emergency contact number and disclosure of contents with text, logos, and symbols digitally printed in full color.

-  This feature can be leveraged to increase communication in the field and help communicate between different teams which line is temporary. It also serves as a deterrent to vandalism due to attempted copper theft by clearly labeling the line.

Tape Width:


Roll Length:

500 feet

Tensile Strength:

Film: 720 lbf


Above Ground (Temporary) and/or Open Trench Installation (Permanant)

Available in all APWA Compliant colors:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Meets or exceeds applicable industry ASTM standards.

Customized Legends

Legend customization allows for the disclosure of contents and inclusion of emergency contact number along with digitally printed text, logos, and symbols in full color.

  • Use the words "no copper" to help deter theft and vandalism.
  • Add discrete hash marks at one-foot intervals for reference in the field.
Image depicting Lumen legend for Channeltape identification sleeve
Example of custom legend used by a customer.

Optional Integration of Tracer Wire

Designed with best practices in mind, Channeltape™ offers the option to preinstall tracer wire along with pull tape.

>  PE (30) Jacketed Tracer Wire in 14 AWG CCS or 12 AWG CCS, other options may be available upon request.

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RED - Electric power lines, Cables,conduit and Lighting cables
YELLOW -Gas, Oil, Steam, Petrolium or Gaseous Materials
ORANGE - Communication, Alarm or Signal lines, Cables or Conduit
BLUE - Potable water
PURPLE - Reclaimed water, Irrigation and Slurry lines
GREEN - Sewers and Drain lines
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