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Damage Prevention Solution

3M™ Pathmarking Tapes

Introducing the 3m™ Electronic Marking System (EMS) Warning Tape 7900 Series

Damage Prevention Solutions is collaborating with 3M, and setting a new standard for protecting, identifying and locating all types of buried utilities.

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3M™ Electronic Marking System (EMS) Caution Tape 7900 Series

The EMS caution tape offers the added value of a high-tensile woven film and embedded radiofrequency (RF) path markers.

Exploded diagram of 3M CAUTION Tape 7900 Series containing RF path markers

3M™ Electronic Marking System (EMS) Warning Tape 7900-XT Series

The warning tape version of this product combines all the benefits of the EMS location/path marking with the added value of Signaltape® damage prevention technology.

Exploded diagram of 3M Warning Tape 7900 Series XT with RF path markers and Signaltape warning technology
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RED - Electric power lines, Cables,conduit and Lighting cables
YELLOW -Gas, Oil, Steam, Petrolium or Gaseous Materials
ORANGE - Communication, Alarm or Signal lines, Cables or Conduit
BLUE - Potable water
PURPLE - Reclaimed water, Irrigation and Slurry lines
GREEN - Sewers and Drain lines
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