Michigan Specifcations & Guidelines

Michigan Department of Transportation

MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction, 2020

818.03.C (4) Direct Durial Conductors, Excavation

"After compacting the subbase in the shoulder area to at least the elevation of the top of the base course, cut a trench along the shoulder edge for placement of the conductors.

Remove rocks or other sharp objects from the trench. Lay the conductors in the trench.

Install marking tape from 6 to 18 inches above underground conduit or cable. Do not install marking tape above jacked and bored conduit. The Department will provide the marking tape.

Provide 3 feet of cover over direct burial cable installed outside the shoulder."

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820.03.N Construction, Electrical Wire and Cable

"Provide, install, and remove traffic signal wires and cable in accordance with section 818. Place marking tape from 6 inches to 18 inches above installed underground conduit or cable, except for jack and bored conduit or directional bore conduit. The Department will provide marking tape with the MDOT logo and telephone number on it."

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Michigan Administrative Code

Michigan Gas Safety Standards, Part 4 - Sour Gas Pipelines

§ R. 460.20414 - Cover

"Rule 414. In addition to the requirements set forth in 49 C.F.R.§192.327, which is adopted by reference in R 460.20606, an operator of pipeline facilities used in the transportation of sour gas shall comply with all of the following provisions:

(a) Pipelines shall be buried, except where special conditions of usage necessitate above ground construction.
(b) A buried pipeline shall be installed with a minimum cover of 48 inches.
(c) When practical, a warning tape shall be installed not less than 12 inches directly above the pipeline, but not more than 36 inches below grade, for the purpose of warning excavators of the existence of the pipeline and the hazardous nature of sour gas."

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