New York Specification & Guidelines

New York Department of Transportation

NYSDOT Standard Specifications (US Customary Units), Construction and Materials, January 1, 2024

107-07 Protection of Underground Facilities

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206-3.05 Test Pits

"The Contractor shall excavate and backfill test pits in order to determine existing underground utility type, size and/or condition where new utility connections to existing facilities are proposed. The Contractor shall excavate and backfill test pits in a manner approved by the Engineer that prevents damage to wrappings, coatings or other protective coverings, such as by hand digging, vacuum excavation or similar non-destructive locating equipment. The limits of the excavation shall be those sufficient to determine existing utility type, size and/or condition."

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554-1.02 D.15 Identification Markers

"Signs and marking tape, buried near the finished grade, to identify and prohibit excavation of reinforced backfill."

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554-2.02 M. MSES Identification Markers, Marking Tape

"2. Marking Tape. This will be polyethylene material 3 in. wide, 4 mil. thick. Include warning markings."

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554-3.02 J. MSES Identification Markers

"Install MSES identification markers. Place the marking tape at the highest possible elevation that will not damage the tape. For walls supporting a pavement section, install the tape 6 in. below top of subbase elevation. For walls supporting earth, install the tape 6 in. below finished grade. Install the marking tape on top of the reinforced backfill area, parallel to the wall face in rows at 5 ft. intervals until the back edge of the reinforced backfill area is reached. ..."

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625-3.05 Supplemental Site Survey

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