Oregon Specifications & Guidelines

Oregon Department of Transportation

ODOT Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction, 2021

01120.21 Detectable Wire and Marking Tape

"Provide a detectable wire using continuous No. 14 gauge, single strand locator wire that is blue in color. Provide marking tape consisting of inert polyethylene plastic that is impervious to all known alkalis, acids, chemical reagents, and solvents likely to be encountered in the Soil. Furnish color-coded tape with the type of line buried below and the word "Caution" imprinted continuously over its entire length in permanent black ink. Provide tape of the width recommended by the manufacturer for the depth of installation used."

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01120.42 Excavation

"... Place detectable marking tape and tracer wire in the trench directly above, parallel to, and along the entire length of all nonmetallic water pipes and all nonmetallic and aluminum conduits installed under existing or planned Pavement. Use tape widths recommended by the manufacturer for the burial depth. ..."

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01120.43 Piping

" ... Place marking tape and tracer wire above all pressurized mainline, according to the manufacturer's instructions. ..."

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01140.45 (a) Marking Tape and Wire Installation

"Installation - Install marking tape and wire over all nonmetallic water lines, including service connections. Place a continuous solid copper wire along the top of all water pipe, including service lines. Use cable ties to secure the copper wire to the top of the pipe at a maximum spacing of 10 feet. Tie all splices and make them electrically continuous and waterproof. Provide access to terminal ends of the wire at all valve boxes, meter boxes, hydrants, and vaults. The result of this installation shall be a continuous wire circuit electrically isolated from ground. Place the marking tape approximately 1 foot above the top of the pipe for its full length."

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02470.80 Marking Tape and Wire

"(a) Marking Tape - Marking tape shall consist of inert polyethylene plastic impervious to all known alkalis, acids, chemical reagents and solvents likely to be encountered in the Soil. The width of the tape shall be as recommended by the manufacturer for the depth of installation. The tape shall be blue and imprinted continuously over its entire length in permanent black ink with the words "Caution - Water".

(b) Detectable Marking Wire - Furnish detectable marking wire with blue colored insulation and according to 00445.11. Furnish splice kits according to 00445.48"

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Oregon Administrative Rules

Chapter 952, Division 1 - Oregon Utility Notification Center

952-001-0070 Operators to Mark Underground Facilities or Notify Excavator that None Exist

"... (9) In areas of ongoing excavation or construction, operators must mark newly installed underground facilities immediately upon placement.

(10) Except while making minor repairs to existing non-conductive, unlocatable facilities, an operator burying non-conductive, unlocatable facilities within the public rights-of-way or utility easements must place a tracer wire or other similar conductive marking tape or device with the facility to allow for later location and marking.

(11) An operator of underground drainage lines is not required to indicate the presence of those underground drainage lines if the existence and route of those drainage lines can be clearly determined from the presence of other visible facilities, such as manholes, catch basins, inlets, outlets, junction boxes, storm drains or permanent marking devices. ..."

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