Pennsylvania Specifications & Guidelines

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

PennDOT Specifications Publication 408/2020, Initial Edition

105.06 (d) Utility Infrastructure and Utility Adjustments, Damage to Utility Infrastructure

"Compensate the owner for all cost of repairing, replacing, or resetting any Utility Infrastructure damaged or disturbed by contract construction as specified in Section 107.12.

Coordinate with the railroad company to provide accepted measures for protection of railroad tracks and ballast from debris, silt, or other foreign matter.

Provide required means of protection, maintenance, cleaning, repair, and replacement of ballast. This work will be subject to the approval of the Railroad’s Chief Engineer or authorized representative."

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910.3 (c) Construction, Trench Excavation and Backfill

" ... Place plastic marking tape within the last layer of backfill material for the entire length of the trench. ..."

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