California Specifications & Guidelines

California Department of Transportation

Caltrans Standard Specifications, 2022 Edition

86-1.02B(1) Conduit and Accessories, General

"... Tracer wire must be a minimum no. 12 copper conductor with orange insulation Type TW, THW, RHW, or USE. For direct burial, the tracer wire insulation must be Type UF."

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86-1.02D(3) Warning Tape

"Warning tape must be orange color polyolefin film, minimum elongation of 500 percent before breakage, water and corrosion resistant, and comply with requirements shown in the following table:

Warning Tape Requirements
Quality characteristic / Requirement

Thickness (min, mil) / 4
Width (in) / 4
Tensile strength of material (min, psi) / 2,800
Message spacing intervals (ft) / 3

The warning tape must have a printed message that reads: CAUTION: CALTRANS FACILITIES BELOW.

The printed text height and color must be 1 inch, black color text over bright orange background."

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87-1.03B(3)(b)(ii) High Density Polyethylene Conduit Installation

"... Place warning tape in the trench 6 inches below finished grade. ..."

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87-19.03C Fiber Optic Cable Installation

"... Install tracer wires in the fiber optic conduits and innerducts as shown. Provide a minimum 3 feet of slack tracer wire in each pull box and splice vault from each direction. You may splice tracer wire at intervals of not less than 500 feet and only inside splice vaults or pull boxes. ..."

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Caltrans Standard Plans, 2022 Edition

2022 Standard Plan H7 Backflow Preventer Assembly

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