Georgia Specifications & Guidelines

Georgia Department of Transportation

Standard Specifications Construction of Transportation Systems, 2021 Edition

682.6.01 Conduit, Pull and Junction Box and Cable Installation Requirements

"... K. Conduit Detection (Tracer) Wire

1. Install conduit detection wire in conduit used for fiber optic communications and where specified within the Contract.
2. If more than one conduit is being installed in a single bore, only one conduit detection wire is required.
3. The conduit detection wire shall be continuous and un-spliced between pull boxes or vaults and shall enter the pull boxes or vaults at the same location as the conduit for which it is installed. Coil and secure 5 extra feet of conduit detection wire in each pull box or vault.
4. Bonding wire suitable for direct burial may be used in place of conduit detection wire but shall be approved by the Engineer. ..."

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682.7.01 Conduit and Conductor Testing

"... B. Testing Conduit Detection (Tracer) Wire

1. Perform a continuity or tone test after installation to confirm that a continuous run of conduit detection wire was installed between pull boxes or vaults.
2. Prepare a test plan, supplying equipment, conducting the test and documenting the results.
3. Submit a test plan at least 15 working days prior to the desired testing date.
4. Testing shall not begin until the Engineer has approved the test plan, and all tests shall be conducted in the presence of the Engineer. ...."

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Construction Standards and Details, 2023

Conduit and Conduit Duct Bank Type 3 Installation Details

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