Hawaii Specifications & Guidelines

Hawaii Department of Transportation

HDOT 2005 Standard Specifications

204.02 Excavation and Backfill for Miscellaneous Facilities, Materials

“Provide plastic marking tape that is acid and alkali-resistant polyethylene film, 6 inches wide with minimum thickness of 0.004 inch. Provide tape with minimum strength of 1750 psi lengthwise and 1500 psi crosswise. Manufacture tape with integral wires, foil backing, or other means to enable detection by a metal detector when tape is buried up to 3-feet deep. Manufacture tape specifically for marking and locating underground utilities. Provide metallic core of tape encased in a protective jacket or provided with other means to protect it from corrosion. Tape shall conform to the following colors and shall bear a continuous printed inscription describing the specific utility: Red: Electric; Yellow: Gas, Oil, Dangerous Materials; Orange: Telephone, Telegraph, Television, Police, and Fire Communications; Blue: Water System; Green: Sewer Systems.”

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