Maine Specifications & Guidelines

Maine Department of Transportation

MaineDOT Department of Transportation Standard Specifications, March 2020

104.4.6 (C) Utility Coordination, Contractor's Responsibilities

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MaineDOT Standard Details, March 2020

626(05) Conduit Trench for Traffic Signals, Highway Signing and Lighting

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Public Utilities Commission

65-407, Ch. 420 Safety Standards for Natural Gas and Liquified Natural Gas Facility Operators

§5 D. Installation and Maintenance of Mains and Service Lines

"1. Installation of Plastic Pipe, Warning Tape, and Tracer Wire. To facilitate location of buried plastic pipe, when plastic pipe is installed or replaced, operators must use the following location methods:

a. An electrically conductive tracer wire must be installed with new or replaced plastic pipe, including plastic pipe that is inserted into existing buried cast iron pipe as a means of pipe replacement. Tracer wire must not be wrapped around the pipe and contact with the pipe must be minimized but is not prohibited when trenchless technology, including pipe insertion, is used. Tracer wire or other metallic elements installed for pipe locating purposes must be resistant to corrosion damage, either by use of coated 12-gauge copper wire or by other means.

b. Continuous gas pipeline warning tape must be installed approximately one foot below finish grade. The warning tape must be yellow, indicate the presence of a gas line, and at least six inches wide. No warning tape is required when pipe is installed by trenchless technology, including pipe insertion"

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