Massachusetts Specifications & Guidelines

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

MASSDOT - Highway Division Standard Specifications for Highways and Bridges, 2022 Edition

140.27 Test Pits for Exploration

"Test pits shall be excavated where and as directed by the Engineer. The contractor shall take special care during the excavation to avoid damage to any existing structure or conduit. Hand excavation may be required to ensure no damage to surrounding utilities."

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301.22 Protection of Underground Structures

"All conduits, pipes or structures uncovered during excavation, whether or not they are shown on the plans, shall be protected, and if damaged by the Contractor shall be repaired by them or the utility company at the expense of the Contractor.

The Contractor shall not abandon existing conduits, pipes or structures without the prior approval of the Engineer."

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801.60 (G) Conduit, Filling Trench

"Gravel fill shall be made around the sides of the conduit and over it for a depth of 3 in. and thoroughly tamped. A plank of spruce, fir, hemlock or other satisfactory wood, about 6 in. wide and 2 in. thick, (nominal dimensions) shall be placed over this gravel and the filling of the trench with suitable materials in layers of not over 6 inches, compacted thoroughly, shall be completed. If Extra Heavy Wall (Schedule 80) Conduit is selected as an option for Rigid Non-Metallic Conduit, an approved underground warning tape may be substituted for the 2-in. by 6-in. plank."

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