Mississippi Specifications & Guidelines

Mississippi Department of Transportation

MDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, 2017 Edition

636.03.4 Identifying and Tagging

"Individual phases of each signal circuit shall be identified by appropriate identifying marks, at points near each end of the cables and in each hand hole or pull box.

All cable entering controller cabinets, pull boxes and poles shall be identified with permanent labels or tags indicating the function of each conductor and which pole, pull box, or controller it goes to.

All single-wire conductors and cables shall have clear, distinctive and permanent markings on the outer surface throughout the entire length giving the manufacturer's name or trademark, the insulation type - letter designation, the conductor size, voltage rating and the number of conductors in the cable.

When required in the plans, the installation of tracer cable shall be in accordance with the requirements herein, per the manufacturer's recommendation, or as directed by the Engineer. When tracer cable is installed in an open trench, a non-detectable warning tape will be placed directly over the buried cable, four (4) to six (6) inches below finished grade."

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637.03.2.4 Marking Tape

"As shown in the plans Standard Details, marking tape shall be installed above all underground conduit installed by trenching or plowing.

Marking tape shall be installed in continuous manufactured lengths. No splicing or overlapping will be permitted.

A minimum of four (4) feet of marking tape shall be installed into pull boxes where trenched conduit is terminating. Marking tape shall enter under the lower edge of the pull box.

Marking tape will not be required when conduit is bored or plowed."

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637.03.2.5 Conduit Detection Wire

"One (1) conduit detection wire is required with all conduits installed by any installation method, including trenching, directional boring, or plowing. Conduit detection wire will be required with all conduits installed by any installation method, including trenching, directional boring, or plowing.

Only one (1) conduit detection wire will be required per installed conduit segment regardless of the number of conduits installed in that segment.

Conduit detection wire shall be installed in conduit.

Conduit detection wire will not be required for structure mounted conduit, except where underground segments of structure mounted conduit are greater than 20 feet in length.

Conduit detection wire shall be continuous and unspliced between pull boxes and shall enter the pull boxes at the same location as the conduit with which it is installed, entering under the lower edge of the pull box.

Four (4) feet of conduit detection wire shall be coiled and secured in each pull box or vault.

Testing, as requested by the Engineer, shall be as follows:

a) continuity or tone test shall be performed after installation to confirm that a continuous run of conduit detection wire was installed between pull boxes or vaults.
b) a test plan shall be prepared, supplying equipment, conducting the test and documenting the results. A test plan shall be submitted at least 15 working days prior to the desired testing date. Testing shall not begin until the Engineer has approved the test plan. All tests shall be conducted in the presence of the Engineer."

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722.03 Electric Cable

"... Tracer Cable and Warning Tape. Tracer cable shall be Type THWN, annealed copper, insulated with high-heat and moisture resistant PVC, jacketed with abrasion, moisture, gasoline, and oil resistant Nylon or UL-listed equivalent. The cable shall be AWG #10 with 19 strands and a 20-mil insulation thickness. It shall be suitable for operations at 600 volts as specified in the National Electric Code (NEC).

The warning tape shall be a non-detectable commercial warning tape approved by the Engineer. ..."

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