Ohio Specifications & Guidelines

Ohio Department of Transportation

ODOT Construction and Material Specifications, January 1, 2023

625.20 Underground Warning / Marking Tape

"Install tape approximately 6 to 10 inches (150 to 250 mm) below the final finished grade. Place with the printed side up and parallel with the finished surface. Ensure that the tape is not pulled, distorted, or otherwise misplaced in completing the trench backfill."

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725.22 Underground Warning / Marking Tape

"Furnish tape that is an inert material, at least 5 inches (125 mm) wide composed of polyethylene or polypropylene plastic, highly resistant to alkalis, acids or other chemical components likely to be encountered in soils. Furnish tape in accordance with the ORC 3781.29 color code and with black identifying lettering in accordance with Table 725.22-1 printed on one side only.

Identifying Lettering | Color
GAS | Yellow
WATER | Blue
SEWER | Green

Furnish tape in continuous rolls with the identifying lettering repeated continuously the full length of the tape. Unless otherwise noted, furnish tape containing a high-strength core with a break strength of at least 3000 lb (1361 kg) when tested to ASTM D6775. Provide certified data verifying compliance with these requirements."

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ODOT Standard Construction Drawings, Traffic

ITS-14.10 Pull Box and Conduit Details

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