Oklahoma Specifications & Guidelines

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

ODOT Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, 2019

104.14 Contractor's Responsibility for Utility Property and Services

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105.06 Cooperation with Utilities

"The Department will identify utility items to be relocated or adjusted by the utility owner, others, or the Contractor as required by the Contract.

Utility facilities and appurtenances located within the Project will be shown on the Plans and will be relocated or adjusted at the utility owners’ expense, unless otherwise required by the Contract. The locations of utilities, especially for underground installations, are provided by the utility owners and may not be exact. The Contractor shall employ work procedures that account for the possible inaccuracy of these representations.

Cooperate with utility owners in the removal and relocation of underground or overhead utility facilities to minimize interruption to utility service and duplication of work by the utility owners.

Use work procedures to identify and protect utility facilities or appurtenances that will remain in place during construction.

The Department will notify utility agencies, utility companies, and pipeline owners affected by the Contract work and will provide for necessary adjustments of utility fixtures and appurtenances within or adjacent to the construction limits by the time limits listed in the Proposal Forms or before the Notice to Proceed, whichever occurs first. The Contractor may request a waiver of these requirements to facilitate beginning work, if Project conditions can accommodate a waiver.

If the Contractor interrupts utility services due to breakage within the Project notify and cooperate with the affected utility authorities until service has been restored. Do not start work around fire hydrants until the local fire authority approves plans for continued service.

If the Contractor’s carelessness or omissions cause damage to utilities, not repair the utilities but shall be financially responsible for the repair of the utilities to a condition similar or equal to that existing before the damage occurred.

Notify the Resident Engineer if utility facilities or appurtenances, not included in the Contract, are encountered. The Resident Engineer will determine if adjustment or relocation of the utility is necessary to accommodate construction and will arrange for additional work necessary to continue the Project with the utility owner or the Contractor."

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802.04 C Construction Methods, Trenched Conduit and Backfilling

"... Backfill trenches with material approved by the Resident Engineer immediately after conduit installation. Deposit the backfill material in uncompacted layers no deeper than 6 in [150 mm]. Install underground utility marking tape as shown on the Plans...."

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