Utah Specifications & Guidelines

Utah Department of Transportation

UDOT 2022 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction

Section 13553 3.2.G ATMS Conduit, Installation

Provide detectable pull tape in all conduits

1. Install continuously between junction boxes.
2. Fasten securely to conduit plug and leave 6 ft of pull tape slack inside of the conduit.
3. Do not splice detectable pull tape in conduit.
4. Use flat profile, low stretch polyester, 1,200 lb tensile strength detectable pull tape that is sequential footage marked.
5. Verify that the pull tape is detectable throughout its entire length by performing a continuity test or equivalent verification.
6. Detectable pull tape not required in microducts.

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Section 13553 3.2.K ATMS Conduit, Installation, Warning Tape

1. Install orange warning tape with black legend “Caution – Buried Communication Cable,” in all trenches containing multi-duct conduit or conduit containing communication cables.
2. Install red warning tape with black legend “Caution – Buried Electric” in all other trenches.
3. Not required when flowable fill is directly overlaid with asphalt pavement or PCCP.
4. Not required when boring or plowing conduit.

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