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Wisconsin Specifications & Guidelines

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

WisDOT ITS Design & Operations Guide, October 2009 Trenched Conduit Design Guidelines

"... Underground warning tape should be laid above all underground conduits, 12 inches below grade.

A copper wire (10 or 12-awg typ.) should be installed in one of the conduits between access points. This locate wire is to be electrically connected between conduit runs to allow for continuous locate signal transmission throughout the conduit network. ..."

> Open Specification Document

WisDOT Standard Detail Drawings, November 2021

9H10 Communication Vault Type - Round

> Open Specification Document

Wisconsin State Legislature

Public Service Commission

PSC 135.375 Service lines: plastic addition [49 CFR 192.375]

"Plastic service lines that are not encased shall either be installed with an electrically conductive wire having adequate corrosion resistant characteristics or protection or some other acceptable means of readily locating the buried service pipe from the ground surface shall be provided."

> Open Specification Document

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