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Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape | Installation Instructions

Drawing of Trenchtape (TM) Underground Marking Tape being dispensed from product packaging.

Instructions for Open Trench Installation

  1. Position box for product to be dispensed from side opening.
  2. Pull tape and lay flat in trench (printed side up) over the length of the utility.
  3. At the end of each box overlap ends of tape by a minimum of 20 ft (~6 m).
    Note: See example and method for repairs below.
  4. If applicable, join tracer wire using a direct bury connector with strain relief unless otherwise specified by the engineer.
  5. Backfill trench according to project specifications.


It is recommended that Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape be buried 12 inches (30 cm) or less below grade. The minimum distance from the top of the pipeline should be 12 in (30 cm), with 24 in (60 cm) to 36 inches (90 cm) recommended as shown to the right.

Image depicting the proper installation depth and overall placement of Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape
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Installation Method: Overlapping Trenchtape™

Overlap ends by a minimum of 20 ft (~6 m).
Image depicting proper overlap method of warning tape installation

Repair Method: Joining Trenchtape™

Peel back the two layers of each end of tape exposing the core material and join together using a double fisherman’s knot as shown below.
Image depicting how to use a double fisherman's knot to join two pieces of Signaltape Warning Tape together.

Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape - Installation Sheet

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Installation Sheet
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