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Test Dig: Brady Detectable Identoline® Underground Line Warning Tape

We wanted to know exactly how other marker tapes on the market performed, so we tested them ourselves. In this video, we tested Brady Detectable Identoline® Underground Line Warning Tape following the same process of six test digs we used for the rest of our samples. This 6” marking tape is a printed foil laminate tape with a thickness of13 mm, tensile strength of 25 lb/in. and elongation of 50% elongation.In all of our tests the tapes were installed ~12” below grade, covered, and mechanically compacted under the weight of the track hoe. Digs were performed in an effort to maximize the visibility of the marker tape. Each dig was stopped once visible indication of marker tape was confirmed by the equipment operator/spotter or when it was determined the tape was struck and no visible indication was provided. Disclaimer: The videos are for informational purposes only. Damage Prevention Solutions, LLC makes no assertions regarding the performance of any of the marker tapes included.

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