Marking and Warning Tapes Featuring Integral Tracer Wire

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At Damage Prevention Solutions, we are dedicated to offering innovative products that address the challenges our customers encounter in the field. One of our signature offerings if the ability to embed tracer wire into our tapes, a solution that enhances the reliability and functionality of marking and warning tapes used in underground utility installations.

Integral tracer wire technology involves embedding a tracer wire between two layers of woven polyethylene marking film, offering a robust solution that outperforms traditional locatable marking tapes. This technology not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures long-lasting performance, helps to improve the accuracy of utility detection, and ultimately helps reduce risk of damage.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of integral tracer wire in underground utility installations, its key advantages, and the range of products we offer to meet diverse utility marking needs. Discover how our unique, integral tracer wire technology can transform your utility projects, providing a reliable and efficient method for utility location and damage prevention.

What is Integral Tracer Wire Technology?

Integral tracer wire technology involves embedding a tracer wire within marking or warning tape, a solution designed to help address the challenges of locating and identifying buried utilities. Unlike traditional marking tapes, which may degrade over time or provide limited detection capabilities, our tapes featuring integral tracer wire are not prone to these issues.

Our manufacturing process allows us to embed a tracer wire between two layers of woven polyethylene film. We currently offer a PE (30) jacketed tracer wire that is available in 14 AWG CCS or 12 AWG CCS, additional options may be available by customer request.

This design ensures the wire remains straight and functional, significantly improving the accuracy of utility location and identification, it also ensures long-lasting performance, making it an improved standard for location and damage prevention.

The Importance of Integral Tracer Wire in Utility Installations

Tracer wire technology has become indispensable in modern utility installations due to its reliability and ease of use. When combined with marking and warning tapes, it offers a comprehensive solution for identifying and protecting underground utilities. Here’s why integral tracer wire is critical:

Key Advantages of Integral Tracer Wire Tapes

Enhanced Resiliency

The use of an integral jacketed tracer wire in marking/warning tape creates a more resilient construct than traditional marking tapes made from metallic foil, which are prone to degradation from exposure to elements like moisture and soil chemicals. The jacketed tracer wire embedded within our tapes helps to prevent this issue, providing long-term functionality.

Simplified Installation

By combining marking film and tracer wire into a single product, the installation process becomes significantly more efficient. This innovation reduces the need for separate installation of wire and tape, saving both time and labor costs. This not only reduces the number of steps involved but since the tracer wire remains straight during installation, it also minimizes the risk of wire coiling and displacement, issues that can compromise locating accuracy.


Combining two essential products into one simplifies procurement, which can help to reduce project costs. This efficiency extends to both materials and labor, making it an economical choice for large-scale utility projects.

Additional Benefits

  • Separation from Pipe – The separation between the pipe and the tracer wire provided by the tape's construction can be beneficial in preventing damage from lightning strikes.
  • Customization – Our tapes are available in all APWA colors and can be custom printed with text and logos to meet specific project requirements. This customization helps in clear identification and communication among different teams working on the utility during future projects.

Products Featuring Integral Tracer Wire

Our range of products featuring integral tracer wire technology caters to various utility marking needs. Here’s a brief overview of each product:

Signaltape® Underground Warning Tape

Designed for open trench installations, this tape provides a last-chance warning to prevent excavation damage. Signaltape® is available both with and without tracer wire.

Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape

Ideal for marking larger diameter lines, this tape combines Signaltape® Technology with a wider material. Trenchtape™ is available both with and without tracer wire.

Tracetape® Detectable Marking Tape

Designed for open trench installations, Tracetape® offers superior durability compared to traditional foil-based detectable/locatable tapes. All constructs of Tracetape® contain tracer wire.

Boretrace® Detectable Marking Tape

The first marking tape designed for HDD (horizontal directional drilling) installations, Boretrace® provides clear identification of underground utilities and helps to protect the embedded tracer wire from damage during installation. All constructs of Boretrace® contain tracer wire.

Channeltape™ Utility Identification Sleeve

Channeltape™ is designed to prevent damage to temporarily above ground lines by increasing visibility. This versatile product can also be buried for permanent underground use. Channeltape™ is available both with and without tracer wire.


The integration of tracer wire into marking and warning tapes represents a significant advancement in damage prevention and overall efficiency. By combining location and damage prevention technologies into a single product, we simplify the installation process and ensure the durability and accuracy of detectable marking tapes.

Embrace the future of utility marking with integral tracer wire technology, and ensure your projects are built on the foundation of efficiency and durability.

To learn more, contact our team for personalized assistance in finding the perfect solution for your needs and to experience the benefits of cutting-edge utility marking and warning technology.

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