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Introducing Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape

October 23, 2023
Left picture is Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape pictured in a ditch. Right picture shows an excavator pulling the tape out of the ground to demonstrate its anti shearing properties.

Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape: The Ultimate Solution for Underground Line Protection

Underground lines are critical infrastructure for utilities, telecommunication companies, and other industries. Protecting them from damage during excavation or construction is crucial to avoid costly repairs and service disruptions. That's why we developed Trenchtape™ Underground Warning Tape, the ultimate solution for underground line protection.

Here's what makes Trenchtape™ stand out:

  • Signaltape® Technology: Trenchtape™ features the same proven technology used in Signaltape® Underground Warning Tape to provide a visual warning to excavators approaching underground utility lines. The tape is designed to not shear underground due to a patent-pending core material construct.
  • Wide Coverage: Trenchtape™ is 20" wide, providing wider coverage than traditional marking and warning tapes. This makes it ideal for covering larger lines.
  • Customizable: The 12" top layer of film is customizable to match the APWA color code along with the option to digitally print full-color text, logos, and symbols. This allows for easy identification of the type of line and the company responsible for it.
  • High Visibility: The bottom 20" layer of the tape features yellow and black warning stripes, designed to help the tape stand out regardless of APWA color.
  • Optionally Detectable: Tracer wire can be embedded in the tape to create a locatable tape. Trenchtape™ is available with PE (30) Jacketed Tracer Wire in 14 AWG CCS or 12 AWG CCS.

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